A new journey begins

Every journey begins with that first step.

Sometimes taking that first is the hardest part of the journey especially when it is venturing into the unknown. It’s scary not knowing what to expect. As scary as it sometimes is it is also exciting. The same things that scare us can also be exciting especially to someone who is as curious as I am.

Making the decision to take this first step, to start this journey into business ownership was a challenging one for me. Do I have what it takes? Can I actually do this? What if I fail?

No one wants to fail. The fear of failing, though valid and sometimes needed in order to keep you from doing crazy things, can be very crippling and, in my humble opinion, needs to be viewed from the opposite side as well . . .

What if I succeed?

A career as an Information Professional has been on my radar since I saw the possibilities of it in 2009. Since then everything I’ve done was to prepare me for this leap into the unknown. I needed a push, a shove really, to get me to this point but I did it, am doing it.

Yes, I could still fail. But I could also succeed and that possibility is worth this measured risk.

So here’s to a new journey! I’m excited to officially start this journey and to see 411 Research Services potentially succeed.