The Information Professional

We go by many different names–researchers, information managers, data analysts, knowledge managers, consultants–but there is one thing at the core of the tasks that we do: information.

The Researcher

Information is a valuable asset to both the individual and to businesses. We understand that value grows when the information comes from quality resources where the integrity of the information is intact. Think of all resources you get your information from. As experts on information, we know what to search for, how to search for, and where to search for the information you need. We are investigators, fact-finders, researchers.

The Architect

The world is generating more and more information each day, from the local newspaper to emails, from internet blogs to online streaming services. Think of all the ways you create information. Information professionals understand how information flows. We plan, design, and implement systems and processes to manage information before it manages you. We are analysts, knowledge managers, information architects.

The Bridge

With the amount of information generated every day, more and more tools are available to help you create, receive, and save the information you want. Think of all the ways you can store your information. As information experts, we know which tools to use and how to use them to ensure that you achieve information zen. We are project managers, record managers, consultants.

411 Research Services

We strive to be the researcher you need to find quality information, the architect you need to achieve optimal efficiency, and the bridge you need to ensure a self-sustaining system in order to provide you that information zen in the middle of the information chaos that is our world today.